k0s status

May 22, 2022

To determine the role of each node in the k0s cluster, we can ssh in and then run a k0s status command which will detail the role of the machine.

So for each worker it returns:

tjs@node3:~$ sudo k0s status
[sudo] password for tjs: 
Version: v1.22.4+k0s.1
Process ID: 340
Role: …

Cloudflare CDN

May 17, 2022

I wanted to expose an existing Azure Storage Account container via Cloudflare's CDN. Looking into this, I needed to write a Cloudflare worker in JavaScript to get this to work. I then needed to use Terraform to provision the worker for each environment.

Worker Script

The following was created as …

k0s install with Ansible

April 30, 2022

I wanted to use Ansible to install k0s so that it could be easily replicated across multiple machines. There is a k0s Ansible playbook available at: https://docs.k0sproject.io/v1.21.0+k0s.0/examples/ansible-playbook/ I took this and modified it to my needs a bit.

I ended up with the following files, building on the Ansible setup …

Getting started with k0s

April 28, 2022

After using it in my day job on Azure, I'm spending some time playing with Kubernetes on three local computers at home. I've chosen to do this using k0s, and playing with Ansible to set it up.

This will hopefully be a small series, starting with setting up machines, moving …

Kubernetes Port Forwarding

April 11, 2022

I have several services deployed to kubernetes. Some of them are external accessible (using an Istio VirtualService) and others are only accessed from within the cluster.

It's possible to port forward from the local machine to a remote port on kubernetes, even one that is not exposed outside the cluster: …