June 19, 2022

I wanted to generate a slideshow from some images, adding captions along the way and some fades. I decided to do this using ffmpeg-python, and to do it inside a docker container.

JPG to MP4

This function is used to convert a static JPG image file into a MP4 of …

Wix Installer from Github Action

June 18, 2022

I wanted to build a Wix installer for my Windows application from a github action, and I faced all sorts of trouble trying to get it to work. I eventually ended up with the following:

   - name: Build Installer
      shell: bash
        WIX_PATH_CANDLE: "C:/Program Files (x86)/WiX Toolset v3.11/bin/candle.exe"
        WIX_PATH_LIGHT: "C:/Program …

k0s remote access

May 29, 2022

So now that we have a k0s cluster up and running, we have two choices on how to administer it. We can ssh into the k0s master node and start using the k0s command there, or we can set up external access.

Each of my k8s nodes is on linux, …

k0s status

May 22, 2022

To determine the role of each node in the k0s cluster, we can ssh in and then run a k0s status command which will detail the role of the machine.

So for each worker it returns:

tjs@node3:~$ sudo k0s status
[sudo] password for tjs: 
Version: v1.22.4+k0s.1
Process ID: 340
Role: …

Cloudflare CDN

May 17, 2022

I wanted to expose an existing Azure Storage Account container via Cloudflare's CDN. Looking into this, I needed to write a Cloudflare worker in JavaScript to get this to work. I then needed to use Terraform to provision the worker for each environment.

Worker Script

The following was created as …