kubectl reference

December 8, 2021

Set a default namespace to work in

$ kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=dev

List pods

$ kubectl get pods

To see logs for a single pod

$ kubectl logs pod-name-5f8f694975-29ddq

More details about pod

$ kubectl describe pod pod-name-5f8f694975-29ddq

ffmpeg for slideshow generation

December 6, 2021

I wanted to use ffmpeg to create a slideshow of the awards in a camera club competition.

Given the jpgs in a folder, the following command can do this:

ffmpeg \
-loop 1 -t 5 -i Common_dolphin.jpg \
-loop 1 -t 5 -i Juvenile_long_eared_owl_defending_its_prey.jpg \
-loop 1 -t 5 -i bee_collecting_nectar ...

Tags: ffmpeg

Minikube and Helm Reference

August 5, 2021

These are my notes to remember how Minikube and Helm charts work for Kubernetes functionality.


Minikube has a web based dashboard that's useful to see what's going on. Start it with:

$ minikube dashboard

Setup Minikube Docker Repository

This sets up docker commands so that they work with ...

Beginning Ansible

May 12, 2021

I wanted to spend some more time learning about Ansible, this post covers the setup I created to do this.


First of all, I created three VMs in VirtualBox. These were all the latest Debian linux, and all were installed from scratch.

Next, I configured these VMs to have ...


August 11, 2020

Here's a useful code snippet for tracking down the cause of a NoClassDefFoundError in Java. It'll tell you the actual file that a class was loaded from.