Django Form Non Field Errors

August 29, 2010

You can add errors to a Django form without attaching them to a field. This example is taken from the django-registration source:

def clean(self):
    if 'password1' in self.cleaned_data and 'password2' in self.cleaned_data:
        if self.cleaned_data['password1'] != self.cleaned_data['password2']:
            raise forms.ValidationError('You must type the same password each time')
    return self.cleaned_data

In order for this field to be shown on the form, you need to add {{form.non_field_errors}} to the template:

<form method="post" action=".">
<h1>Account Registration</h1>
<p>Please fill in the details below to create your new account.</p>
  <tr><th>Username:</th><td>{{form.username.errors}} {{form.username}} (spaces not allowed)</td></tr>
  <tr><th>Email Address:</th><td>{{}} {{}}</td></tr>
  <tr><th>Password:</th><td>{{form.password1.errors}} {{form.password1}}</td></tr>
  <tr><th>Password (again):</th><td>{{form.password2.errors}} {{form.password2}}</td></tr>
  <tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td>{{form.non_field_errors}}<input type="submit" value="Register" /></td></tr>

This example will show the non field errors just above the submit message.


Tags: django form error