Book: Designing With Web Standards (3rd Edition)

February 11, 2010

This is the third edition of Designing with Web Standards, written by Jeffrey Zeldman, this time collaborating with Ethan Marcotte. At the time of writing it's very up to date - I received this book for Christmas 2009, yet the copyright date states 2010!

This book covers how to develop HTML and CSS for modern browsers. It recommends developing with XHTML (strict if you can) and styling everything using CSS. This way your content will continue to render, even on newer browsers that haven't been thought about yet. The book is up to date enough to have coverage of both HTML5 and CSS3.

It also encourages sensible use of JavaScript, with fallbacks for browsers that don't support it and users that have it turned off.

The book finishes up with a walkthough of two site redesigns; one for the author's own site and the second for the calendar at

This book is essential for anyone building modern, standards compliant web sites.