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Django Model Choice Fields

February 28, 2010

You can convert any Django CharField into a droplist by specifying options in the model structure. For example:

class ContestEvent(models.Model):
  date_of_event = models.DateField()
      ('D', 'Exact Day'),
      ('M', 'Month'),
      ('Y', 'Year'),
  date_resolution = models.CharField(max_length=1, default='D', choices=DATE_RESOLUTION_CHOICES)

If you don't set a default value ...

Python Regular Expressions

February 28, 2010

Regular expressions are a powerful way of finding things in strings.


To match a regular expression anywhere in a string, use search:

lRegEx = "\d{4}"
lMatches =, lContestName)
if lMatches:
  raise forms.ValidationError("Contest name cannot contain a year")

To match a regular expression to the beginning ...

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