Using jMeter to Load Test File Processing

January 7, 2011

I have a web site that accepts files in various formats, then processes them. The data ultimately ends up in a database.

We wanted to do a load test of this service, submitting multiple files simultaneously. JMeter can do this for us.

  • Start jMeter using the jmeter.bat file in the bin directory
  • Right click Test Plan, add/Threads (Users)/Thread Group
  • Right click ThreadGroup, add/Sampler/HTTPRequest
  • Number of threads can be controlled on thread group, as can the ramp-up time
  • On HTTP Request, enter Server name or ip, Port, Method = POST, Path = /url/file/submitted/to
  • Add file path, with parameter name as appropriate
  • Run/Start to run the test. The number of threads running is shown top right during the test.

The test is logged to jmeter.log in JMeter's bin directory.

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