Book: Neuro Web Design - Susan M Weinshenk

October 2, 2010

Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click? is a different kind of web design book. It's all about what psychological factors drive people when they're using websites.

It suggests that there are three part of the brain, the old, new and mid brains. The old brain is concerned with our survival The mid brain is for emotional processing and the new brain is the bit you're conscious of, the bit that reads books, listens to music, has thoughts etc. Websites that speak to all three different parts of the brain will be the most effective.

The book builds on this to cover what you can do on a website to trigger these different parts of the brain. These include how you are drawn to a group by others reviews and ratings, how scarcity makes us want something more, and how providing only a small amount of options makes more people buy.

This is only a small book and doesn't take long to read. Recommended.

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